Category: Faith

Lost To History

Published on May 15, 2018

Some of the most influential people in history are people you've probably never heard of. You don't have to be famous to make an impact.

Discomfort in a Good Season

Published on November 4, 2017

Good seasons of life aren't necessarily comfortable seasons. Discomfort can bring positive change, if you allow it.

The Big Move

Published on November 7, 2016

Reflections on leaving New Mexico and moving to Michigan.

Finding Happiness and Fulfillment

Published on October 14, 2015

Letting go is often the best way to find happiness, fulfillment, and answers. A look at a series of events and decisions that led me to where I am today.

God Ordained Discomfort

Published on August 8, 2015

We often seek a life of comfort, yet that's not necessarily the best life for us, nor what we're called to.


Published on August 6, 2015

Discovering our identity is a life long endeavor. It's also not what most people initially think it is.

You Can Let Life Happen or You Can Make Life Happen

Published on January 10, 2015

Often times, we get caught in the trap of letting life happen - we deal with things "by chance" or happenstance. Instead, we should be intentional about our lives and choices.