A New Year, A New Word

Published on December 19, 2014

Categories: Faith Adventure

For a couple years, I've heard of people doing a word for the year. Basically, the idea is to pick a word and let it be your focus for the year, as opposed to numerous resolutions that no one keeps.

You can find out more at http://myoneword.org/.

I've decided to take this on for 2015, although I actually started it about a week ago. Ironically, my word is "new." I was originally debating between "new" and "adventure" but after praying about it, the answer came through a couple conversations and other thoughts that came up. So, new is my word. Plus adventure can easily be part of new.

So what does that mean? Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. New has so many possibilities. I know a couple things that will be new. Within the next month, I'll be launching my first app on Google Play for Android phones. At some point this year, I'll be releasing my first book. Both of those are new things for me.

Beyond that, I'm not sure. God makes all things new, so anything is possible. New direction. New attitude. New adventures. New possibilities. Renewal. Who knows?

This year was a ridiculous year, in an awesome way. A 16 day road trip across 23 states and DC, got involved in a local programming group, learned a couple new programming languages and really started using them, to name a few.

I'm expecting big things for 2015. It's a new year with new expectations, hopes, and dreams. No resolutions (I gave up on those when I was a teenager). Just one word to drive the year.